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We have worked hard to build America. We have fought harder to preserve our sovereignty, Constitution, and freedoms. Naturally you want to realize the dream and have safe communities with thriving businesses, abundant jobs, political inclusion, and effective educational systems.

Vision / Mission / Goals

VISION: The Vision is a community where you can raise your families and have access to the best resources available…. a place with global reach – and local presence … a place with a future.

FUTURE Worldwide is an economic empowerment plan with comprehensive strategies designed to increase the quality of opportunities for African Americans.
The GOAL is to revitalize education, stimulate commerce, support FUTURE Worldwide financial institutions, promote professional growth, invigorate youth and families, and revive unity.

The PLAN is to UNITE our financial and human resources for the common good. FUTURE is a 501 c 3 / 508 non-profit organization.

The MISSION is the expansion of economically sound communities that display collective wealth and wellness. But most of all, FUTURE Worldwide will act as a financial catalyst for the funding of businesses that train, employ and promote African Americans.