FW Giving Back

FUTURE Worldwide Giving Back

The FUTURE Worldwide Giving Back is focused on the foundation and building blocks for a good life. Our programs and projects support eduction, stable careers, thriving communities, and good health. With our network of corporate partners and community advocates, The FUTURE Worldwide giving back program works hard to advance the common good.

Give a dollar. Give an hour. Give your best. We all have special talents; and can help create a better place for all. Whether it’s reading to children, or donating to the Future Worldwide Giving Back program, or teaching financial literacy classes, or delivering meals to seniors, there is a place for you to give.

Our Goals for the Next Five Years:

• Create training programs that meet the employment needs of the 21st Century.
• Improve the quality of opportunities in green education and careers for urban youth and families.
• Reduce the drop out rate of minority high school students in urban communities by 20%.
• Provide stimulus and reward for fitness to minority youth and families.

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